Design Your Imposter Syndrome Away.

Twitter Icon I created using Figma
Twitter Icon I created using Figma
Reminders Icon I created using Figma

These are just a sample of simple icons I mimicked and created as my own, all by using Figma, and all taking me about 1 hour to do so. In todays world you anyone can be a designer but it does take talent and skill to be a good one. However, you can definitely pass with just knowing the basics really well. Once you start applying yourself to it, it all starts to feel the same and before you know it you’re doing it on your own and not copying that guy on Youtube anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, that guy on youtube showing you your first Figma skills is absolutely ok to follow but what people do is forget their suppose to be designing ideas on their own. Theres nothing better than having that feeling of you accomplishing a full design, wether its a website or simple portfolio. Turning that blank canvas of noting into something is a special feeling. But I hate to break it to you, you didn't really do it alone.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

“Tutorial Hell” they call it, watching hours of design and coding tutorials, thinking to yourself the whole time, “Jesus how do they do it, they make it look so easy!”. Well thats because it IS easy for them, they've spent years doing this. And on the other hand you just started doing this, so theres no reason to feel like you wont get there. I myself have struggled with this a-lot and its no joke what that feeling of imposter syndrome can do to you. It made me feel like I hit a wall so big and questioned my whole life. “Why the hell did I spend all this money and time on this?” All these thoughts lead to a downwards spiral, but have no fear my amigos, theres solutions.

Baby steps my friends, its that simple. Think of it as riding a bike. These tutorials are your training wheels and there meant to help guide you towards the right direction. Help give you ideas to what you can design, show you all the ways you never thought about how your design can reach a whole new level. Start small, start designing and if you get stuck go back and watch the video, but DO NOT stay on the video. Keep going until you finish.

After a few times a week doing this, design something totally original. Build a website what you think looks cool. This can be challenging and you'll feel tempted to watch a video, but do not forget you can finish on your own.

Then finally that whole idea of imposter syndrome will go out the window. That downwards spiral will quickly turn upside and you'll feel like the best designer on the planet. Thats the goal, to make yourself feel like you can do it because guess what, you bloody can! Sure there will be bumps but theres more answers than just some guy telling you what you think is suppose to look good. Go out there and make mistakes, mess up, get frustrated. Fall fall and fall again, this will only make you a better designer.




Im Alen, UX designer, Tech lover and Crypto trader.

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Alen Begzic

Alen Begzic

Im Alen, UX designer, Tech lover and Crypto trader.

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