Ways to Enhance You and Your Work.

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Throughout civilization, man has always relied on their tools. The gear they carry, the arsenal they store, with the right set of tools you'll have the confidence to take on any job. I remember as a young student in elementary school walking down the aisles of staples and feeling an a rouse from pens, papers, notebooks. All these little things brought so much to my imagination, thinking of all the ways I would use these tools to enhance my productivity and finish my work in great fashion. Even had a young age I realized what the value of reliable tools can offer you. Getting your setup right is a crucial step in leading a better work life, and you don’t have to break the bank ether. Nothing can beat that electrifying feeling of some new supplies, do the the right thing and surround yourself with the right gear. Checkout this board for some inspiration.


Everyone of us all get the same 12 months, 365 days, and 7 days a week in this life. The best way to make use out of this time is to set a plan, a plan of attack. Write things down, put your actions into writing. Keep track of what you did, what your going to do and how things went. Once you start writing things down take a look at the data, see how the outcomes played. See how long it takes for you to complete a task. Track these things down so when people/clients/your boss asks you to complete a task, you'll know exactly how long it'll take for you to complete it. This is a crucial skill point when talking to potential clients. Giving an answer right away on long a project can take, can take you that much closer into sealing the deal, and it makes you look more like a professional and know what your actually talking about.

https://clockify.me/ — the best tracker application to use.

So now you have the right tools and know the measures of time, what else do you need you ask? Well you can have all the answers right in front of you but if you don’t make the actions and actually hold yourself accountable than you will never enhance anything but more self doubt. If you have a bad week, where all of us will at some point, you need to tell yourself, “ok this week kicked my ass but theres nothing that can keep me down and i’m going to kick this weeks ass even harder than it did mine”. But sometimes ego will get in the way, you'll make up some excuse and say “its ok i’ll just do it later”. These things add up so fast and before you know it you'll be soo much further away from your goal than you ever imagined, and that is when people give up. Self destruction is the biggest and number one shameful thing anyone can do to themselves. Please take all these things to account and theres no reason why you can do these things, it’s time to hustle people.




Im Alen, UX designer, Tech lover and Crypto trader.

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Alen Begzic

Alen Begzic

Im Alen, UX designer, Tech lover and Crypto trader.

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